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Website Features Made For You, Whether you sell online, mobile, on social media, in store, product designers like selling custom t-shirts or bottle, BaWebs has you covered. Join BaWebs to get everything you need for your Business for one low price and benefit from these great features.


Great features are the key to a business success.

“I am so pleased with this product. I can’t say enough, its easy to edit my website . “

“Dude, your stuff is the bomb! Thanks to bawebs website support, Bawebs website support is great “


Website Builder

Host your entire website on BaWebs. Your website comes with a full-featured content management system.

eCommerce App

Your products, orders, and customers are automatically synced between the app and web store.

Accept credit cards

You can accept all major cards the minute you launch your shop, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and more..

Store management

Manage customer accounts, order fulfillment, refunds, shipping, product reviews and more.

Facebook Store

Your Facebook fans can browse your products and make a purchase without leaving Facebook.

Blogging Platform

Publish and categorize articles, create lookbooks, encourage discussion, and moderate comments on your blog.

Free TLS certificate

TLS 1.3 certificate to keep your customers’ information and business data secure, Powered by: CloudFlare, Comodo.

PCI Compliance

Bawebs is built by a certified PCI Professional, so you don’t need to worry about the security of your website.

Product Designer

Give your customers the freedom to customize any type of product

No limitation: decide which products and which part of the product can be customized, eg. If you provide custom t-shirt, bottle, cup, shoes, hats, phones etc.. labels, this feature can let your customers customize their product on your website and make a direct purchase.

Point of Sale (POS)

Add a web-based POS to your website 

This web-based pos system allow you to setup cachiers registers , features include cloud based, reporting, barcode scanning, order notes, cash management, discounts & coupons, print receipts, shipping, and much more…


Will my website look good on any devices?  

Yes, its called Responsive Design, and all websites are fully and 100% mobile devices friendly, meaning your website will look great on any device.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 7 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you log to, you will need to visit the My Account page to view your current package and websites.

We're a charity group, can we have a discount?

Oh Yes, the discount is only for the Advanced plan and its up to 10% OFF. E.g. Religious, Education, Health.

Can I use my existing domain name?

Yes, if you already have a .com , .net etc.. domain we can easily integrate. However it will require a paid plan and you will need ask your current hosting to add the following and to your DNS

Ecommerce Website

Many people like to shop online to avoid traveling time and traffic while enjoying the comfort of their own home. Shopping online also gives them the ability to shop when they want; including times that your store is closed.

WOW Websites!!

Web development is a holistic process. Our websites don’t only look great, they also perform. From the start, we consider your content strategy, information architecture, user-pathways and how to market your site to your audience.

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